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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you running for judge?

I am running for judge because I believe that my past experiences have been preparing me and positioning me for another opportunity to serve my community in a larger way. As a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Wayne County and current Senior Associate Counsel for the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, my job duties have involved service to others.  A judge should be someone who possesses integrity, is fair, compassionate, respectful, balanced and has the right temperament.  I know that I possess those qualities and I use those qualities in my current and former positions.  I want to expand and take that service to the next level by becoming your next Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court Judge.

What qualifies you for running for judge?

A judge is someone tasked with looking at the law, applying it fairly and blindly to the facts to ensure a just decision for people of all walks of life.  A judge has the ability to impact the livelihoods of individuals each day.  Similarly, as Senior Associate Counsel for the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, I have been tasked with making those impactful decisions during my investigations of attorney misconduct and must weigh the applicable law with the facts alleged and make recommendations as to whether an attorney should be disciplined, which could include suspension of their law license or disbarment.  Additionally, I serve on the Character and Fitness Committee, where I make decisions and recommendations concerning whether bar applicants have the requisite character and fitness to practice law in this state.  I have experience in weighing the interests of different parties and making decisions and recommendations that ultimately ensure the protection of the public.  I recognize the power that I have, remembering daily never to abuse it and strive each day to put myself in the shoes of others.  I do not take it lightly that my daily decisions and recommendations impact people’s lives every day and when elected your next Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court Judge, I will walk in every day with that in mind.

Why run for judge now?

Over the last few years, I have had a longing to use my skills to become more involved in my community in an impactful way.  We have all had a front row seat to the injustices that have occurred in this country.  We need ethical people in every position at every level of government to ensure fairness and access to justice for all individuals.   I would like to be a part of this continued journey for fairness and equity.

If I vote for you, what will you do for me?

Becoming a judge is a little different than some of the other elected positions in government.  In the legislature, the official works for you and works to see your goals met in the community.  A judge does not necessarily work in the same manner.  As a judge, I will be tasked with ensuring the safety of the public, protecting people’s civil rights and rendering timely and fair decisions, pursuant to current applicable laws.  What I can assure you is that if you were to come before me in court, you would experience timely, respectful and equal treatment as I consider your legal matters.  All residents of Wayne County deserve a judge that will maintain a high level of integrity. If you vote to elect me as one of your next Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court Judges, I will work tirelessly to ensure integrity and equal access to justice.


What matters does the Third Circuit Court have jurisdiction over?

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